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Welcome to Freelan!

Note: All images below were created by the author and are meant as representations only, not actual book covers.

The Freelan Journals

This is a story of “what if…”, an imagining of possibilities.
A story so big, one book wasn’t enough to tell it all.
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The Freelan Journals

Where It All Began

Freelan: The Dawning -- a 3-part epic novel. Part 1: Hammil Valley Rising. Part 2: The Hammil Valley Effect. Part 3: Beyond Hammil Valley.

Other Works In Progress

Side trips from my writings on the above. The ideas just keep coming! Click on an image to see details.

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Comments from Readers

  • The phrase “what if” is very appropriate here. A true achievement in imagining people standing up for freedom. And a wonderful romance. I really enjoyed reading it.

    Beth H.

  • My bags are packed and I’m ready to move to Hammil Valley (the one in your novels, that is)! A blend of Jane Austen, Ayn Rand, and William W. Johnstone.

    Mike R.

  • What a great reading experience! It’s a refreshing change to see productive people portrayed in such a positive manner. And your villain is truly despicable. Highly recommend!

    Jane A.