Thoughts on Writing

We writers are, if nothing else, true individuals, and in my view it is the main reason for us writing, but that can be a challenge. Sometimes I sit and think, “What the hell am I going to write?” And then I get a little idea and start typing. And then suddenly the words are flowing out, and before I know it a whole chapter is written.

Some “experts” say to follow this formula or that, but you must write first and foremost for yourself. I certainly do. So much of me is in my writing. Not only do my various characters have this trait or that trait of mine, they are infused with my philosophy and my view of life in general. This trait is shared by many writers and is partly why I read books – to experience the mind of the author.

We live in an age of conformity, which is actually nothing new. Too many people think that if people conform to some set standard, we will all get along better. Where the arts are concerned, though, we must all follow our inner instincts. My novels may not adhere to a formula or standard, but they were never meant to. In fact, they purposely don’t, nor should yours. For example, as I turn to the querying process, seeking to catch the eye of a publisher, I know they will tell me that my novel has to start out with an attention-getting bang. Sorry, it starts as it needs to start, or so my beta readers have told me. And it keeps the voice truly my own.

Your thoughts welcome.

Please check out my WIPs. And thanks for reading.

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