The Ceres Stratagem Added to Line-up

A line-up of the book series currently in progress got a bit of shaking up in the past few days. These things happen a lot in the world of literature. Our writing overtakes our planning, sometimes.

Originally, there was planned a romance novel. That novel turned into a trilogy, The Hammil Valley Saga which is now a series called The Freelan Novels. That series spawned a follow-up series, The Freelan Journals. And now, after reviewing the first book of that series, we have separated it out “from the herd,” as the expression goes, to be part of the series but yet standing alone as a key step in the push for freedom.

The Ceres Stratagem is that first book. It covers Years 6 & 7 of Freelan, beginning as the first five tumultuous years of that new nation ended and life settled a little, or so many there thought. Those years were the Great Transition from a life where government intruded into every aspect of people’s existence to a life that was truly free. A warrior for freedom and one of the key people who had helped in that adjustment was a man who now calls himself the Scribe of Freelan. He has set himself the task of relaying to you the struggles and victories not only of Jim and Rose O’Connell and other residents of Hammil Valley but of all freedom-loving people against those who feared them and sought to re-institute control over them.

The novel is drafted and waiting for the review process to begin. Meanwhile, our efforts to publish the first three novels continue.

Please check out my WIPs. And thanks for reading.


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