Great News for Conservative Authors & Readers

As if things weren’t tough enough for us authors (I saw a post the other day that an author had gotten a rejection from the 256th literary agent she’s contacted within minutes of submitting to that agent), the political atmosphere has frozen out any of us who don’t write on a certain list of topics.

Our voices are sounding coarse and ill-mannered in their ears – downright deplorable! We have men who love women, women who love men, men who know they’re men, women who know they’re women, characters who carry guns and know how to use them, and more. Love of country is not considered a crime. And making a profit is applauded. Sure, we can self-publish, but we still need to get our books in front of readers who will want them.

Enter on the scene a new site dedicated to listing our literary achievements, serving as one-stop-shopping for your readers craving conservative fiction. And the site is aptly named:

Who’s Behind the Site

The site concept, in the design stages now, is the brainchild of Jamie K. Wilson, owner and editor of Conservatarian Press, which replaced the now defunct Liberty Island Press.

See more about Jamie here.

Interview with Tiffani Jones on Rumble

What the Site Will Be

In short, a searchable hub connecting authors and readers.

The site exists now but is just a holding place. It will be developed into a database where authors will be able to create an account and enter book information to give readers all the information they need to find the books in which they would be interested. Authors will also be able to post inexpensive advertisements or find industry professionals (artists, editors, etc.) who can help them create their next masterpieces.

Why the Site Is Needed

Big publishers have deals with booksellers to place their booked in prominent positions. They own most of the text space in publications like Publishers Weekly or the New York Time Review of books. Thousands of online outlets promote their books. Not yours.

How You Can Help

Make a donation. Jamie has a fundraiser on GiveSendGo. Her monetary goal is modest, and she’s over halfway there. You can submit a contribution or you can contact her at her website about sending a check (which is what I did recently).

Spread the word. Share this article or at least the link to the fundraiser on your social media accounts, blog, and website, and tell your friends.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I get no compensation for this post. I pass along this information for your benefit.


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