A.C.’s Journal: Entry 2

Inexact word usage drives me nuts as a writer. Someone on a news show just used “besides” when he seemed to mean “instead of.”

Sometimes, such fluidity is good when trying to be more picturesque, but in that context, it was unconscionable. Clarity is key in news (yeah, I know, rather old-fashioned concept). I strove for such clarity as a tech writer creating website content, user guides for software, system documentation, procedural documents, estore product description, newsletter articles, and more. I was careful, for example, not to put “Hit the Enter key” in instructions for software users. I know that “hit” can have a more picturesque meaning, but some readers might take it too literally.

Now I’m sitting here scratching my head and trying to think of just the right word to convey the facial expression of a character who has just encountered an enemy from his past. “Angry”? Too tame. “Livid”? Better. Sigh, well, it’ll come to me.

My brain needs more cookies.

Best wishes with your writing, and thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “A.C.’s Journal: Entry 2

  1. Lyn Perry

    I cringe when I see the phrase “figure it out” – I’m thinking, surely the writer can come up with something less slangy than that (unless it’s in dialog). Instead of: Paul finally figured out the combination to the safe by remembering his old phone number; they could write: Paul tried different combinations until he remembered his old phone number. Click!

    Anyway, that’s probably just me, lol.


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