A.C.’s Journal: Entry 6

A realization has hit me: when I reread what I’ve written, it’s easier to catch inconsistencies, but when I’m writing new stuff, my mind is focused ahead and forgets what I may have typed as little as a minute earlier.

Cherry Pie and TeaNot sure if this is a common issue for writers, but it does indicate that going back and rereading is essential. I just came across a contradiction. In one spot, I say that the character can barely manage to smile. In another spot, I say he uses a smile to charm women, “a weapon he had honed to perfection.”

Now I have to resolve the contradiction. Should he smile or not? He’s evil, but that doesn’t mean he can’t smile. Many evil people do.

I’ll have another cuppa tea and maybe a light snack while I mull that over.

Best wishes with your writing.

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2 thoughts on “A.C.’s Journal: Entry 6

  1. Lyn Perry

    I cycle edit/read – go back about 300 words and get into the story again then push forward. I usually catch a few inconsistencies this way as well. Or repetitive words!


    • A.C. Cargill, Author

      Thanks for your comment, Lynn. Good idea, and I try to follow it but I write about 1500-5000 words per day when doing new stuff. In my “deep reads,” I’m still adding 500-1000 words per day. As such my inconsistencies tend to be spread out further – even across several chapters. Thank goodness hubby catches them when he reads through the manuscript.


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