A.C.’s Journal: Entry 7

My “deep read,” as I call it, of the several manuscripts I’ve written over the past 3.5 years is like a long road trip. Things go along smoothly, and suddenly there’s a glitch – a flat tire, the radiator overheating, or (as hubby and I experienced one time) the brakes not have been fixed right by a dweeb mechanic before we started the trip and needing to be redone halfway on our return home. In the case of my manuscript for The Ceres Stratagem, it’s a matter of coming across parts that were hastily written (trying to keep up with the ideas flowing through my brain) and as a result seeming to be missing something.

The discovery of these areas is causing me to wonder what reaction an editor would make to the manuscript before this stage of things. I’m guessing something like, “Uh, what is this all about? Seems to be a gap here.” And then I’d look at the area is question, groan, and say something like, “That’s not a gap. It’s a frigging chasm!”

My day’s efforts have just been halted by such a chasm. Now I have to find a way to cross it or fill in that emptiness.

The challenges of writing never end.

Hope you’re meeting yours well. And thanks for stopping by!

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