A.C.’s Journal: Entry 10

Writers tend to have favorite words. Here are some of mine:

  • Mettle — noun – 1. The quality of a person’s disposition or temperament. 2. A person’s spirit or courage. 3. The natural vigour or spirit of an animal, esp. a horse.
    adjective – 1. Of spirited temperament. 2. having a temperament of a specified kind.
  • Comfy — adjective – comfortable.
  • Salacious — adjective – 1. Lustful, lecherous; erotic, lewd. 2. Tending to provoke lust.
  • Acquiesce — verb – 1. Remain at rest or in a quiet subjection; rest satisfied. 2. Agree, esp. tacitly; concur (in); raise no objections (to). And acquiescence (noun) and acquiescent (adjective, noun).
  • Dissipate — verb – 1. Drive or cause to go in different directions; disperse (what has been concentrated). Formerly, spread out (troops). 2. Cause (an abstract thing) to disappear; esp. dispel (a feeling etc.) from the mind. 3. Reduce to dust, smoke, or impalpable form; destroy completely (material or abstract things). 4. Cause to disappear into the atmosphere; disperse (vapour, a cloud, etc.); (of an electrical device) lose (heat), convert (energy) into heat that is lost. 5. Consume wastefully, squander (money, resources, etc.). 6. Divide (attention, mental activity, etc.) between a variety of objects.
  • Ponder — verb – 1. Estimate; judge the worth of, appraise. 2. Ascertain the weight of; weigh. 3. Weight (a matter, words, etc.) mentally, consider carefully, think over. 4. Think deeply, reflect.
  • Loquacious — adjective – 1. Given to much talking; talkative. 2. Of birds, water, etc.: chattering, babbling.
  • Blustery — adjective – stormy, windy; noisily self-assertive.
  • Cynical — adjective – 1. Resembling or characteristic of the Cynic philosophers; distrustful or incredulous of human goodness and sincerity; skeptical and mocking. 2. Of dogs, canine.

(All definitions are from my 2-volume Oxford English Dictionary.)

What are your favorite words? Post a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading.

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