Featured in N3F Org Newsletter

Recently, I have had two articles from my website featured (with my permission) in The N3F Review of Books Incorporating Prose Bono, one of the members-only publications issued by the National Fan Fantasy Federation (N3f).

Types of Editing for Your Work of Fiction appeared in the July 2022 issue.

Inspirations appeared in the August 2022 issue.

If you’re a member, you’ve already seen them. If not, please take a moment to check them out here on my site.

More of my writing tips may be appearing in future issues.

N3F Org
Header image from N3F site.

About N3F

If you’re a fan and/or author of science fiction and fantasy, the National Fan Fantasy Federation is an organization you’ll want to check out.

The organization was formed in 1941, long before the internet. Their mission is bringing together fans of “science fiction and fantasy, broadly defined.” They eschew politics and focus on the fiction, tough to do these days and rather rare. It’s also refreshing.

Over the years, the group has embraced the new technology, having a noticeable presence online with their website, some e-mail only publications such as the above-named newsletter, and social media groups such as this one.

They have members-only groups that include a Writer’s workshop, an Artist’s Bureau, the WelCommittee (the original one), fanzines, and a Games Bureau. If you’re an author, you can also request a critique.


  • The National Fantasy Fan, the club newsletter, containing “club business, information about club activities and areas of interest, free space for member ads, member art, poetry, letters of comment, member-written articles and reviews, and other fannish material.” Emailed as a PDF attachment or paper copy sent through mail (at considerably greater expense).
  • Tightbeam (email-only zine) – art, long and short reviews of books and fanzines, and letters of comment.
  • Ionisphere (email-only zine) – the journal of the N3F Fan-Pro Coordinating Activity Bureau, promotes “a closer relationship between science fiction and fantasy fans and the writers and editors and artists who create this form of literature.” Also publishes long interviews with famous fans and writers. Currently bimonthly.
  • N’APA (email-only zine) – amateur press association, bimonthly.
  • Origin (email-only zine)
  • The N3F Review of Books (email-only zine)
  • Eldritch Science (email-only zine) – fiction, poetry, and art magazine, publishes longer works of fiction (7500 words to complete novels), poems, and related artwork.
  • Films Fantastic (email-only zine)
  • Mangaverse. (email-only zine) – manga, anime, comic books, and aspects of Japanese culture.
  • Occasional books or shorter pamphlets

Hope you found this helpful and have been inspired to check them out.

Disclaimer: I get no compensation for links in this post or on my site to other sites and/or products.


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