Excerpt 1 from Hammil Valley Rising

Hammil Valley Rising, book 1 in the Freelan seriesSo many authors are doing free offers now on various bookselling sites, but that approach seems a bit excessive for very long works like my Freelan series. (Give away the whole book!?! Not practical.)

As an alternative, I will be from time to time posting excerpts, beginning with this one from Hammil Valley Rising, the first book in the Freelan Series. This excerpt shows the kind of thing against which one of my main characters struggles almost daily.

Hammil Valley Rising is 218k words so far (I’m doing a final read-thru and still finding spots to refine), took six months to do the first draft, several more months for initial edits, two more months for me to do a structural overhaul based on the followup novels in what has grown into a series (see my WIPs page for the list so far), and several more months of editing. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Hammil Valley Rising

(I post excerpts as images to counter content scrapers out there used by unscrupulous people to grab site content.)


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