A.C.’s Journal: Entry 18 – Writing Partner

My hubby is, quite fortunately, a great writing partner in that, he not only comes up with great ideas, he also catches my errors (timeline issues, inconsistencies, typos) as well as adding philosophical explanations and humanizing touches, things I tend to forget as I’m speedily typing along and trying to keep pace with my brain.

Every time he reads through something I’ve written, though, I feel like a kid in school as the teacher is reviewing my homework or grading my test. My stomach flutters like a horde of butterflies are in it, and my fingers shake a bit as I continue typing on other fiction works. When he is done, I review what he has added and sigh in relief at how good it is. I also relish his comments about how much he liked what I had written (and he is not one to spread on the false praise).

Yes, I feel fortunate to have such a writing partner available to me. I hope you have, or will find, such a person to aid you in perfecting your writing.

Let’s all head into the New Year with renewed vigor and hope. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors! And toasting you with a nice chilled glass of Darjeeling tea!


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