A.C.’s Journal

My thoughts on writing and progress updates.

A.C.’s Journal: Entry 28 – Gratuitous Sex

You’re reading a nice short story, doesn’t matter what genre – romance, Sci-Fi, horror, mystery, etc. – and suddenly some woman is unzipping some man’s pants. That’s known as gratuitous sex. I reached that point in a story recently – a fairly interesting story up to that point – and…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 25 – A Poem for Writers

How can I lie cozy abed While ideas do swirl in my head A critical dialogue line A love scene that’s oh so divine And words that are driving me mad Like “angry,” or “miffed,” or just “sad” The sun is still soft in the east And cares for all…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 20 – Originality

Tough to be original. I wrote a short story (about 8300 words) titled Book of Memories about 27 years ago. Last summer, I revamped the story and submitted it to the National Fantasy Fan Federation for their Eldritch Science publication (it’s in the October 2022 issue). The editor told me…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 19 – Type-isms

In addition to word-isms about which I wrote here, I have type-isms, that is, typos that I make as a matter of habit. Some are caught by Spellcheck in MS Word while others are not. Catchable type-isms are “jsut” which autocorrects to “just,” things like “sawt he” which usually autocorrects…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 18 – Writing Partner

My hubby is, quite fortunately, a great writing partner in that, he not only comes up with great ideas, he also catches my errors (timeline issues, inconsistencies, typos) as well as adding philosophical explanations and humanizing touches, things I tend to forget as I’m speedily typing along and trying to…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 16 – Entering a Writer’s Mind

Ever want to get inside another person’s mind? You can – no joke. This isn’t about psychic ability, extra sensory perception, or any other phenomena that saw a surge in popularity in the 1970s and continue to be widespread today. There are no gypsies here gazing into their crystal balls,…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 12

Some thoughts on writing as I write (and drink my tea or cocoa): Writing is a lonely endeavor, even when done in a crowd. Writing can be like walking down an unknown road with fog and mist hiding the twists and turns, but when you look back at from where…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 11

Easy to lose focus sometimes. An idea for a fantasy story popped into my head, and I wanted to pursue it. A follow-up story then came to me, so I pursued that. And then another … And then I saw how far afield it was all leading me, so it’s…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 10

Writers tend to have favorite words. Here are some of mine: Mettle — noun – 1. The quality of a person’s disposition or temperament. 2. A person’s spirit or courage. 3. The natural vigour or spirit of an animal, esp. a horse.adjective – 1. Of spirited temperament. 2. having a…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 9

Writer’s dilemma: getting the wording just right. Sometimes it can take days to decide, with the options whirling in my head as I continue writing other scenes. I’m sitting here debating these wordings for a particular scene: “A large, brightly wrapped package was on the table along with a couple…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 8

I have the best editor/beta reader/co-writer/whatever. He reads through my manuscripts, catches contradictions and inconsistencies, enhances some of the ideas being portrayed, adds in some humanizing touches that I miss as I’m speeding along typing up my ideas, and gives me great feedback overall. How did I get so lucky…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 7

My “deep read,” as I call it, of the several manuscripts I’ve written over the past 3.5 years is like a long road trip. Things go along smoothly, and suddenly there’s a glitch – a flat tire, the radiator overheating, or (as hubby and I experienced one time) the brakes…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 6

A realization has hit me: when I reread what I’ve written, it’s easier to catch inconsistencies, but when I’m writing new stuff, my mind is focused ahead and forgets what I may have typed as little as a minute earlier. Not sure if this is a common issue for writers,…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 5

This is not a movie review. There’s a point at the end of this, so please bear with me. Thanks. I recently watched a romantic comedy movie on DVD and noticed at the end of it that it had a lot of similarities with an earlier romantic comedy movie starring…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 4

Someone asked how the editing was going on the manuscript for the third book in my series. I replied, “Mopping up my messes.” By mess, I mean what results when the ideas flow so fast that my fingers can’t quite catch up, and then I go back and read through…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 3

Working on a series of novels (not what I started out to do but what evolved over a couple years) has its benefits. Three come to mind as I sit rereading a manuscript. The main benefit is that character and plot developments can be edited in the earlier manuscripts to…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 2

Inexact word usage drives me nuts as a writer. Someone on a news show just used “besides” when he seemed to mean “instead of.” Sometimes, such fluidity is good when trying to be more picturesque, but in that context, it was unconscionable. Clarity is key in news (yeah, I know,…

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A.C.’s Journal: Entry 1

The first entry in my author’s journal, sharing thoughts that occur to me as I’m writing. It’s a way of letting them out of my system – sorta like that teakettle whistling to let out steam. Someone posted a cartoon about writers wanting to be home (or wherever they write)…

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