About A.C. Cargill

A.C. Cargill, author, watches hubby having fun
Hubby John goes for a spin in a clover field

Writing: my passion!

Equipped with a B.A. in English literature and philosophy, I have spent over four decades writing (and serving as editor) in one form or another, following this simple principle: words matter. They can confuse you or enlighten you, transport you to new worlds or close you off from them. This is true in technical writing and non-fiction, as well as in fiction.

Awhile ago, I switched from writing technical documents, website content, and blog articles for various clients in the U.S. to using my wordsmithing in a work of fiction. My goal was to transport you to a wonderful world, one where not everything goes as planned but where people are able to work out those kinks and live their lives as they choose.

I am most fortunate to have a husband who is not only supportive but who served as my collaborator, helping with ideas as well as lending his time as editor and his very useful touches throughout the first part, Hammil Valley Rising, of the 3-part novel Freelan: The Dawning.

Part 2 (The Hammil Valley Effect), part 3 (Beyond Hammil Valley), and the first novel (The Ceres Stratagem) in the Freelan Continues series are in the works (drafted but not through the editing phase). Freelan Endures and The Freelan Journals are well underway. Meanwhile, my imagination has taken a few side trips, producing a Christmas romance novel, a collection of short stories of various genres, and a fantasy short story series that I am collecting into a book. See more info on each of these here.

Needless to say, I spend a lot of my day writing and my husband John Dick, when he’s not at work or composing music, spends his spare time reading and editing.

Come join us in our fictional world. We guarantee you’ll like it!

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