My Works In Progress (WIPs) continued

Note: All images below were created by the author and are meant as representations only, not actual book covers.

Flights of Fantasy – Vol. I

Reality is boring. Let your imagination soar!

Approx. 96K words

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A collection of short stories in the general fantasy genre.

We authors can get a bit tired writing in a particular genre and seek to stretch out into other genres. In my case, it was a matter of having one of these stories published by the National Fan Federation (N3F) in the October 2022 issue of the Eldritch Science magazine that goes out to members and interested parties on their mailing list.

For the most part, these stories are in the “gentle fantasy” category, with only a few touches of gore and perhaps a hint of sexual activity (not much beyond hugs, kisses, and slipping into the bedroom as far as I can recall).

These stories are divided into four subgenres. Pick and choose which you want to read or devour them all. More stories to come, but if you want to publish individual stories in your literary magazines, I am open to that.

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A Bit of Whimsy


  • Sisters of the North Wind (a strange young woman finds herself out of place)
  • Bird’s Nest (when nature makes a gesture of kindness)
  • The Boy Who Lived on a Mountain (old legends are often based on fact)
  • The Woman Who Could Fly (imagination is a powerful thing)

A Hint of Science Fiction


  • The Glass House in Fender’s Woods (kids will be kids, and aliens will be aliens)
  • If Looks Could Kill (gives new meaning to the term “femme fatale”)
  • The Cornfield (nature getting some payback?)

A Touch of the Dark Side


  • The Eyes of Cleopatra (rare emeralds hold the key to the end of the world)
  • Book of Memories (3rd prize winner in National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) 2022 Short Story Contest, also published in October 2022 issue of Eldritch Science from N3F)
  • Wind Down the Chimney (Halloween/ghost/horror)
  • Mr. Dilby’s Library (just when you thought book fines were the worst that librarians could do)
  • The Hand from the Depths (the Loch Ness Monster has nothing on this being)
  • The Bat King (an “unvampire” story)

A Dash of Mystery


  • The Psychic (strange events prompt a sensible man to do the insensible)
  • The Rube Goldberg Murder Club (making something simple so complicated)
  • “Oublier” (in progress – memory is taken for granted, until we lose it, that is)

Flights of Fantasy – Vol. II

Reality is boring. Let your imagination soar!

Currently in progress, with these stories done or planned so far:

A Trace of the Odd


  • The Magical Egress (getting in is easy, but getting out …) – an idea to be realized
  • The Hypochondriac (maybe that illness isn’t imagined) – an idea to be realized

A Splash of the Super Real


  • The Princess from the Red Moon (monarchies aren’t just on Earth, and neither are usurpers) – in process
  • A True Joule (getting a real shock) – draft complete
  • Leviathan, the Prison Ship (a new approach to separating the dangerous from the rest of us) – an idea to be realized

A Glimpse Beyond


  • The Wiccan (a young woman versus a beast accidentally released from the trap in which her father had put it) – draft complete
  • Queen of the Nile (a woman who claims to be Egyptian queen seeks the world’s destruction) – an idea to be realized
  • The Magus of Atlantis (a fabled lost continent isn’t quite what Plato said it was) – draft complete

A Clue of the Unknown


  • Orbit (murder on a space station with only six occupants – five suspects and one victim) – an idea to be realized
  • A Day on the Lake (fear of drowning leads a young woman to a discovery about herself , one she wishes she didn’t know) – an idea to be realized

More stories coming. My brain seems to be going non-stop!