My First Ever Horror Genre Short Story Posted

As a followup to the flash fiction (<1,000 words) story Walter that was posted a couple weeks ago on a site called The Writers Club, I sent them Wind Down the Chimney, my first ever horror genre short story (>7k words). Happy to say that it was just posted but sadly without centering where I had and without the italicized and bolded text. Never fear. I have posted here a PDF copy in its correct form instead.

These little works of short fiction give me a break from the long work on the Freelan Series.

Hope you’ll have a quick moment to read Wind Down the Chimney, a haunted tale featuring newlyweds Jane and Blake Andrews and perfect for this Halloween weekend!

Click to access wind-down-the-chimney.pdf

And don’t be afraid to try something new with your writing. You never know what might happen.