A.C.’s Journal: Entry 14 – Keep Writing During the Holiday Season

This time of year can be a challenge for us creative types. It’s a real break in routine. Whether we deal in the visual, musical, or literary arts, that break can throw us off our stride. I’ve found the best remedy is a bit of fore planning.

For example, for Thanksgiving, I planned to have hubby handle cooking the two turkey thighs (a whole turkey would last us a century or two). For my part, I prepped the cranberry salad a couple days early and chose other side dishes that needed minimal prep time (canned green beans, gravy from a jar, and packaged stuffing), and the pumpkin pie was also store bought. Result: A satisfying meal plus hours and hours of time devoted to writing.

Of course, people often visit relatives during this time of year. In that case, carry pens and a notebook or two. If you use a phone app (which, being the security conscious person I am, I do not), be sure your phone battery is charged up and bring that charger with you. Sneak away from the crowd when inspiration hits and get those ideas down whatever way you can. (I’ve been known to scribble on toilet paper – yes, I was that desperate.)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and can fit in writing time between now and the holidays ahead.

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