Excerpts from the Freelan Series

Excerpt 6 from Hammil Valley Rising

Cronyism Rears Up Sid is Jim’s dire enemy, obsessed with paying back Jim for an imagined wrong in the past. Time to call on a “friend” in Sacramento, the State capitol. See more about Hammil Valley Rising, part 1 of Freelan: The Dawning.

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Excerpt 4 from Hammil Valley Rising

Rumor Mill Cranks Up in Hammil Valley Eddie asked Rose if a rumor about her selling her ranch to Jim was true. Rose later discusses that issue with Henry and Katherine, her elderly friends. See more about Hammil Valley Rising, book 1 of the Freelan series.

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Excerpt 3 from Hammil Valley Rising

Becoming an Individual Hal Stone, formerly Hal Stonethrower, is a full-blood Paiute and a good friend of Jim O’Connell. Hal has talked over the years with Henry Baum, a resident of Hammil Valley who acts as their guide in matters philosophical. See more about Hammil Valley Rising, book 1 of…

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Excerpt 2 from Hammil Valley Rising

Profitmaker in Hammil Valley Rose Wilson is a main character (protagonist) who initially sees Jim O’Connell as an antagonist. She tries to work through all she has been taught versus what she sees happening around her. See more about Hammil Valley Rising, book 1 of the Freelan series.

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Excerpt from Hammil Valley Rising Intro

I had posted this excerpt on social media but wanted to put it here, too. This shows the first sight of a main character who transitions from an antagonist to a protagonist. (I post excerpts as images to counter content scrapers out there used by unscrupulous people to grab site…

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Excerpt 1 from Hammil Valley Rising

So many authors are doing free offers now on various bookselling sites, but that approach seems a bit excessive for very long works like my Freelan series. (Give away the whole book!?! Not practical.) As an alternative, I will be from time to time posting excerpts, beginning with this one…

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