A.C.’s Journal: Entry 4

Someone asked how the editing was going on the manuscript for the third book in my series. I replied, “Mopping up my messes.”

By mess, I mean what results when the ideas flow so fast that my fingers can’t quite catch up, and then I go back and read through what I’ve typed and go, “Ugh! What the heck was I trying to say?”

Often the mess is the result of me not having the idea worked out firmly in my mind. After a bit of head scratching and staring at the computer screen supposedly deep in thought (but really just letting my mind float), I start to get that firming up and begin typing. Small wonder that this editing process has grown the manuscript by 15k words so far. Sigh.

Well, back to my mind floating – uh, I mean, that deep thought. Yes, really. Maybe these fortune cookie fortunes will come true!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your writing is going well.


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