A.C.’s Journal: Entry 3

Working on a series of novels (not what I started out to do but what evolved over a couple years) has its benefits. Three come to mind as I sit rereading a manuscript.

The main benefit is that character and plot developments can be edited in the earlier manuscripts to fit the things coming out in the later ones. For example, in the third manuscript of the series, Beyond Hammil Valley, I had Rose handling a handgun like a pro, yet there was nothing in the second manuscript, The Hammil Valley Effect, about how she acquired such knowledge. Not being published yet and wanting that background in place, I had the opportunity to go back into that second manuscript and show what had occurred. Of course, I could have simply told it in the third manuscript as a flashback, which, had that second manuscript been published, I would have done.

Another benefit is that we can rethink that earlier work. My first manuscript, Hammil Valley Rising, was originally meant to be a standalone romance novel and was titled Hammil Valley Rose. So many ideas crept into it that a second manuscript was a total necessity as was that title change. And the second manuscript led to the third one, which led to a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and so on. At present, there are fourteen manuscripts that are in “first draft” status, and the first one, Hammil Valley Rising, that is nearing “final manuscript” status (it was final, but my continued writings gave me the idea of revamping it, which meant that my helper/editor/contributor hubby has to read through it again, and he is doing so as time allows).

Finally, and possibly the biggest benefit, I have more opportunity to catch typos. Too many self-published authors are not spending enough time on proofreading. Tedious but very necessary. My trick is writing, letting some time pass, and then going back to what I’ve written. Reading aloud also helps, but I quickly get hoarse.

Hope my shared thoughts here help you in your writing journey.

Please check out my WIPs.

Thanks for stopping by! Time for chocolate.


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